Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Images from OZ

I’ve been promising photos, and here is the first round – with more to follow soon. But here's the catch with this particular blog format: It seems near impossible to arrange the photos as I would like, and to appropriately tag them with individual captions. So I've decided to leave them all jumbled together, and list the various captions below. If you're inspired, you can match them up on your own!

Race day fashion * Ryan, Whitey, me, Pablo, Damien * Recipe for disaster - watch out Mr. Pedestrian! * Pablo, racing through the raindrops * MJ and her chalk art * Wait, who's Mary?? * How to make an Ironman smile * Olivia broke out the pom-poms * Pablo running to a Kona-qualifying finish - he redeemed the race for all of us! * At this point I'm still running * Running again (the walking happened in between). Thumbs up because I'm almost done! * Now we're smiling! * The day after - smiling even more * MJ's method of protecting her feet from the mud. These sneakers had already been laundered twice * Can you say Aloha? Congrats Pablo!

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