Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Birthday Boot Camp

Last week marked two festive occasions: my 41st birthday as well as Christmas. MJ invited me down to her North County San Diego home for a holiday week filled with great friends, delicious food, inspired shopping, girlfriend giggling, miniature dog snuggling, Mama Mia viewing and, of course, Birthday Boot Camp. It’s time to kick off Ironman training, and trust me, there’s no better way to get motivated than to stay in the home of your coach. Of course, seeing MJ head out on “short” 3-4 hour rides while I’ve only been on my bike 3-4 times total since my crash in late September is a bit daunting, but I have to remember that she does this for a living. I had to start somewhere, and in regards to the bike that somewhere was actually the garage. The cold and sometimes rainy week of boot camp inspired me like never before to befriend the bike trainer. I suddenly found myself hopping aboard with a smile, grinding out sweaty gleeful spin intervals. I’m not sure what caused this mental shift, because I’ve always despised the trainer, but suddenly it’s become a welcome tool in my training arsenal, one which I believe will help me combat the challenge of minimal daylight hours. Plus I can crank up the TV and sing my heart out to ABBA tunes– does it get any better than that?

Given that there were four fairly Type-A athletes spending Christmas at MJ’s house, even the holiday-specific festivities inspired competition. Namely, we had a decorate-your-own stocking contest. A week later I am still picking bits of glitter glue off my skin.

I think Tinki (one of MJ’s two miniature pinschers) ultimately earned the most votes, though each of us tried to proclaim ourselves the victor. Regardless of who won, we were all lucky to find the stockings brimming with treats on Christmas morning – obviously Santa is an unbiased judge.

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