Sunday, January 4, 2009

Test vs. Truth - Week 1

Today marks 2 weeks out from the marathon and 13 weeks out from Ironman. That seems unnervingly soon, and though I feel nowhere near ready, a sadistic part of me says “bring it on!”

Although I’m not quite on MJ’s IM training plan due to my marathon diversion, I do need to start holding myself accountable to my training goals. In this, the final week prior to tapering for the marathon, I managed to accomplish each workout I had planned, save for today’s 3k swim. I purposely bumped that until tomorrow morning (in place of a complete day off), as I was exhausted after a night of poor sleep and this morning’s 2:00 run. Given the importance of rest & recovery in the overall scheme of training, I’m allowing myself that leeway.

This week, the Test equals the Truth. The tally:

Swim workouts - 2k

Bike workouts (all on trainer, due to weather, limited daylight and my desire to catch up on the entire first season of Californication) - :30 easy spin, :45 w/intervals, 1:30 increasing intensity, 1:30 w/intervals

Run workouts - :45 easy, :45 w/speed intervals, :45 moderate, 1:00 marathon pace, 2:00 moderate

Weight training – 2x

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