Monday, January 26, 2009

Test vs. Truth – Week 4

Ahhhhh, what a relaxing week it was! Granted, I struggled to even walk for two days following the marathon. Then I headed to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer trade show, which meant three days solid of standing. Armed with compression socks and instructions to rest and relax, I made it through with flying colors, my only hard training effort being a 2-hour tempo workout on my bike trainer once I returned home on Sunday.

I also managed to behave fairly well at the show, where the temptations to stay out late and drink exorbitant amounts of alcohol abound. There was the one night where I polished off an entire bottle of wine myself - but who, when presented with quality vino and excellent company, and void of the need to wake at 5am to train, would honestly resist?

The Test equaled the Truth once more, as evidenced by my limited training tally:

Swim workouts – 2k, 1.5k

Bike workouts (trainer and/or gym spin bike) – :20 EZ spin, :45 EZ spin, :30 EZ spin, 2:00 tempo intervals

Run workouts – 0

Weight training – 0