Thursday, January 22, 2009

Test vs. Truth – Week 3

I feel a little bit like I’m cheating in regards to last week and the week ahead. Aside from running the actual marathon, I trained even less during my final taper week than I normally would. I’ve had a few nagging physical issues, most notably a sore Achilles tendon, so my instruction from coach MJ was to baby the heck out of it. I obeyed, and on race day it held up perfectly – it was simply the rest of my tendons and muscles that suffered!

Now that the marathon is over, I’m under strict orders to focus on recovering fully. The timing is perfect, as I’m headed to a trade show for work, always a challenging environment in which to maintain one’s fitness. I may spend a little time on a spin bike or in the hotel pool, but not if that requires sacrificing precious hours of sleep. I’m learning that I need to welcome rest & recovery as a fourth discipline in the sport of triathlon.

The Test equaled the Truth once again in Week 3, as I did my best to do very little:

Swim workouts – 2k

Bike workouts (trainer) – 1:45 w/intervals, :45 spin, :40 spin

Run workouts – :10 jog, :20 marathon race pace, :20 jog

Weight training – 0 (on hold until after the marathon)

And of course, there was that little 26.2 mile race.