Monday, February 2, 2009

Test vs. Truth – Week 5

I definitely did not stick 100% to plan this week. Between a heavy workload, a bit of travel and feeling somewhat rundown, something had to give. I was concerned about getting sick, and knew the smart choice would be to cut a workout or two and opt for some additional sleep. I axed a 2-hour bike ride and an easy 2k swim, and made it through the week and a trip to San Diego in decent health – only to return home and catch the nasty cold that’s been swirling around the bay area. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll kick it quickly and stay mostly on track.

I did get back in the swing of masters workouts this week, and it feels wonderful to be a pool regular once again. When I’m able, I plan to swim the actual coached workout. When my schedule won’t allow me to swim with the group, I’ll swim one of a number of favorite workouts I’ve recorded over the years. Either way, these workouts are currently in the range of 3k.

This week was still very easy in terms of running, giving my legs an opportunity to fully recover from the marathon. Between the rest and an excruciatingly intense ART appointment with DTM to address my various aches and pains, my legs felt rejuvenated by week’s end, just in time for a lovely one hour run.

The total this week:

Swim workouts – masters x 4

Bike workouts – 1:00 trainer, 2:00 trainer, 3:30 bike

Run workouts – :20, :30, :30, 1:00

Weight training – x 2

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