Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wash Your Hands!

Chances are good that wherever you are while reading this blog, a fair number of folks around you are suffering with late season colds and flu. I made the cardinal error of thinking myself fortunate for having escaped without any bouts of major illness this winter – which is exactly when it got me. I’ve been miserably sick all week, so much so that I’ve been completely homebound, missing work and all my training. MM ticked off a series of texts suggesting the possible cause of my illness:

Severe flower allergy? (After I alluded to how he might make me feel better.)
Count Draculitis?

Along with a few others which, though providing me with a good laugh, are most definitely not appropriate for print.

It’s painfully frustrating as an athlete to be ill – in particular when your very specific training plan is sidelined. Today (Saturday) is the first day that I’ve felt any semblance of normal, so I am gearing up for a very easy spin on my bike, followed by a jog of a run. While I’ve been pulling my hair out due to inactivity, I also know that attempting to come back too hard, too soon would be a serious mistake – as would allowing myself to get seriously stressed out over missing a full week of Ironman prep. This is one of those times when I have to remind myself that some (if not many) things are out of my control, that I must focus my usual training drive on getting healthy and that there is a certain finesse to the sport of channel surfing.

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