Monday, February 16, 2009

Test vs. Truth – Week 7

I am an athlete! In fact, I am an Ironman. Yes, I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit studly this week, quite the turnaround from the previous week in which I was bogged down by illness. I conquered every workout on my plan, save for one masters swim, which I forfeited due to an overwhelming urge to sleep!

One thing to point out to those of you who are reading my training tallies in detail: I’m not including every detail. I’m simply tallying the individual workouts with a few specifics as to their focus. My plan, authored by MJ, contains far more direction as to the exact intervals, pace and heart rate zones. You can’t expect me to disclose all of her coaching trade secrets, can you? She’s done the work of putting together a well thought out plan, informed by her massive experience as a pro, her own tried and true schedules from her coach and consideration for the fact that I have other commitments that limit my time. It’s up to me to do the work, and this week I did a darn good job!

Swim workouts – masters x 3

Bike workouts – 1:15 (trainer intervals), 2:00 (trainer intervals), 1:30 (road), 5:00 (trainer – OMG!) + :40 T-run

Run workouts – :70 (intervals), :40, :60, 1:30am/:30pm

Weight training – 2x

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