Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not Exactly Cheating…

Prepping the bikes at CTS Tucson.

I’m extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a Carmichael Training Systems triathlon camp in Tucson this week. So with MJ’s blessing, I packed my gear and headed to the desert to learn a thing or two from the CTS coaches. Don’t get me wrong – MJ is still my main gal. But a chance like this is not to be missed. And if MJ has taught me anything thus far, it’s that opening my “veteran” triathlon mind to new experiences and new methods of learning and training is critical to improvement.

I’m writing this from beautiful, hot and DRY Tucson, a training Mecca for endurance athletes. Yesterday morning at camp we focused on cycling, with a PowerTap accompanied field test to help determine our training zones. The afternoon was spent in the pool, learning a variety of drills to enhance our performance and being individually video taped to analyze our stroke mechanics. We’ll go over the results of these tests today in individual meetings with the coaches, following our morning endurance run and field test. I have always wanted to see my stroke on video, as it’s the weakest link in my multi-sport trifecta. I’ve had some great feedback already this season from Hux, the masters coach in San Diego, and I’ve tried to incorporate his suggestions into my swim. But without seeing myself in action, it’s difficult to know what I’m truly doing both above and below the water.

Just for the sake of humor, Coach Nick also videotaped a length of my butterfly stroke. I think that when done properly, fly is a thing of beauty to behold – rippling muscles slicing through the water with dolphin-smooth power and grace - and I’ve always been curious to see how far off I am from that beauty mark! Nick’s immediate comment when I emerged at the far end of the lane, breathless from my effort? “I’ve seen worse.” Perhaps there is hope for me after all!

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  1. so cool HB!!! Can't wait to talk to you more about your amazing week.