Monday, March 9, 2009

Swimming Downhill

I was asked by a reader to provide some of the swim tips to help raise one’s hips in the water, so here they are. Remember, I’m no expert – just passing along a few of the tidbits I learned at camp.

1) Look straight down at the bottom of the pool. Many people swim with their heads too high out of the water, but if you look down, the rear of your body tends to lift up.
2) Imagine that you’re pressing your chest toward the bottom of the pool. Same result as above.
3) Tilt your pelvis slightly forward. Again, it gets that booty up in the air.
4) Imagine pressing your belly button toward your spine. This also helps to engage your abs.
5) Tighten your bottom – and feel it rise up.
6) And my favorite, imagine yourself “swimming downhill.” Just thinking about it makes me swim faster. Thanks to Coach Natalie for this one.

Now obviously, if you tried to do all of these simultaneously, you’d likely stop swimming altogether due to over-concentration! And most certainly not all of these tips will make sense to you. So pick one or two that do resonate, and give it a try – your butt will be breaching in no time!