Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Test vs. Truth – Week 10

Chris, Lance, Tracy, Nick and me

Tri-camp final dinner: John, Gale, Warren, Natalie, Tracy, me, Nick

A well-earned (and shared) dessert.

Proof positive that I broke down my own bike!

Last week was a bit of a departure from my regular training routine, due to being at camp.
However, all told the workouts were a fairly close approximation to what I would have done on my own.

The sum total Monday through Thursday:

Swim workouts – 1x easy, 1x stroke drill workout, 1x distance workout with field test

Bike workouts – 2:30 with field test, 1:30 recovery, 3:00 with 2x bike/run speed bricks

Run workouts – 1:00 with field test, :45 recovery

Weight training – I’m done with weights until after Ironman, though I’ll try my best to schedule time for ab work and stretching.

Friday was a complete day off. I was tempted to swim, but was swiftly shut down by MJ, who had the foresight to suggest that I would need to rest up for Saturday. MJ never tells me outright not to do something; she simply says, “I would rather you ______,” kindly conveying the fact that I’d be an idiot not to listen. There is much to be said for the wisdom of experience and the guidance of a caring friend.

I stayed in Tucson on Saturday in order to complete my final monster workout in the dry desert warmth. It looked a little something like this:

4k swim, followed by 5:00 bike (much of it at race pace), followed by 1:00 T-run. Pretty much an Iron-mini-man!

Not surprisingly, Sunday was an additional day of rest and an opportunity to travel back home, unpack, wash a week’s worth of laundry and gear up for Monday morning’s pre-work run. The run was 2:30, and thanks to Daylight Savings I spent the entire first hour in the dark, a Mini Maglite brightening the way. The final kicker was a second :30 run in the afternoon.

All in all, a pretty wonderful week!

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