Monday, March 2, 2009

Test vs. Truth - Week 9

The view from my ride.

Last weekend brought a much needed break in the rain, and I followed suit by taking a break from Berkeley. I slipped out of town and down to Santa Cruz for a weekend of training in my old stomping grounds. It was such a pleasure to ride up and down the California coast that I barely noticed the 6.5 hours I spent in the saddle. In fact, my entire week was a success, as I completed all of my training according to plan.

The week ahead also promises some inspirational new scenery. I traveled today to a top secret training location in the desert – top secret, that is, until I blog all about it in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Swim workouts – masters 2x

Bike workouts – 2:00 intervals, 1:30, 6:30

Run workouts – :60am / :30pm, :40, 2:00am / :30pm

Weight training – 2x

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