Sunday, March 29, 2009

Test vs. Truth - Week 13

Now we’re talking taper. Finally I am able to reap the rewards of all the hard work and pretty much chill out. Of course, it’s always a challenge to sit on my duff and feel my fitness fade away (refer back to this post for more on my disdain for tapering), but I know it’s merely a false sense of softness, my body taking advantage of this phase in training to quiet down, rest and prepare for the big day. Plus, there has been so much else to do to get ready for this trip – bags to pack, work to complete, logistics to sort out, loose ends to tie up, doggie care to coordinate – that in some ways its been more exhausting than a full week of training. MJ knew I would be heading into this final week fairly run-down and overwhelmed – which is why she nixed one additional swim workout and strongly suggested a full day of rest. I was about to query her with the same suggestion, so I was thrilled and relieved to know we were on the same page.

Looking back at the past several weeks, I’m pleased to note that I’ve followed coach MJ’s instructions exactly. Here’s what happened in week #13:

Swim workouts – masters x 2

Bike workouts – 1:30, :60 (easy spin on trainer), 2:00

Run workouts – :60 (intervals), :60

Plus one luxurious complete day off!

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