Monday, March 16, 2009

Test vs. Truth – Week 11

This week I’ve started to get a wee little bit stressed out. I’m feeling the load of a massive to-do list. Work, final training, travel prep and general life responsibilities are making my mind whirl and my sleep less than solid. I’m not feeling as rested as I would like, and thus everything I attempt has an added degree of challenge. It’s no wonder that my self-confidence is slightly cracking. Am I really ready for this? Have I trained hard enough, long enough, fast enough, specifically enough? What will race day bring? Will I feel energized and strong on Sunday the 5th? Will I successfully embrace the highs and combat the lows? Will I remember to have fun?

I know that somehow everything will come together smoothly, and that race day will bring what it brings. And I know that whatever it does bring, I’ll be thrilled to be there in the thick of things. Right now I just have to continue focusing on my to-do list and counting the days until I board that plane.

Swim workouts – masters x 3

Bike workouts – :60 (trainer spin), 2:00, 1:30, 4:00 + :60 T-run

Run workouts – :60, 2:00 (remember, I also had an additional 2:30/:30 double run, bumped from last Sunday to Monday due to last Saturday’s mini-Ironman)

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